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Passport Changes

 Changes to passports will be required in the following circumstances :

  • Change of ownership
  • Gelding / Stallion Licensing 
  • Death of the pony. 

There is currently no fee for passport changes.

Change of Ownership.

On the sale of a pony, the seller shall give the passport to the buyer.

Current law requires the new owner to return the passport to the Eriskay Pony Society within 30 days of acquiring the pony so the details of the new owner can be recorded.

Gelding / Stallion Licensing.

When a pony is gelded or receives a stallion license the passport must be updated. A gelding certificate or the stallion licensing documentation must be sent in with the passport.

Pony Deaths

Current law requires the passport for a deceased pony to be sent the Eriskay Pony Society within 30 days of death.  The passport will be cancelled and retained by the Society unless its return is requested by the owner.   

All notifications of changes should be sent with the appropriate fee and any supporting documentation to the Registrar:

Nigel McWilliam, 16 Bonaly Wester, Edinburgh EH13 0RQ.

The Registrar is also the contact if you wish to transfer ownership, register a prefix, or update any other information.

The email address for the Registrar is


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