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Malvern 3 Counties Show 2016

Posted on March 28, 2017 at 9:40 AM

Report by Judith harries.

Vanessa Harvey with handler (who had to be substituted by the vet at the last minute as the handler needed to go with mother to hospital) plus husband Anthony brought 15yr old Peewit pony club pony and mum, and 4yr old gelding Merlin (just backed) for the second day.

Merlin had never been anywhere before (except to the vet). All animals had a loosebox with a cattle pen enclosure at the front.

Both ponies were intensely interested in everything - goats penned 15' away, American Quarter horses next door, huge deerhounds (or some such breed) in the next row.

A sunny day, the place was crowded - sometimes with people 3-deep at the pens with Peewit and Merlin successfully entertaining their visitors.

There was a display which involved all the Rare Breeds parading round the ring with commentary as each one came forward. 6 Equine breeds, 8 sheep breeds, 2 goat breeds, 5 individual donkeys, 2 alpacas - and a Hereford bull. I decided I would go into the ring just in case someone needed help and donned gloves and hat. How silly. Of course they didn't need help but behaved wonderfully well. Little Merlin will have learnt a lot about loudspeakers, flags, huge marquees full of very noisy fowl and the general public who don't get out of the way of ponies.

By 4.30 pm both ponies were nearly out on their feet but refused to go inside the loose boxes and miss the fun.

Cannot thank Vanessa Harvey and husband Anthony enough, and their friends who came to help - I had fascinating questions from the public and the day was a great success.  

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