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Compulsory Microchipping for Older Equines.

Legislation was introduced in England on 1st October 2018, in Wales on 12th February 2019 and in Scotland on 28th March 2019 which makes it compulsory for all equines to be implanted with a microchip whereas previously this only applied to equines born after 1st July 2009.

Older equines have to be implanted with a microchip by 1st October 2020 in England, 12th February 2021 in Wales and by 26th March 2021 in Scotland regardless of where the passport issuing organisation is based.

This change has been made principally to make it easier to trace the owners of abandoned equines, and to help reunite owners with animals that have been stolen.

All equine passport information is now loaded to the Central Equine Database (CED). It will therefore be possible to ascertain from the CED anyone who has not complied with this change. Whether or not this will actually be done will be up to the relevant local Trading Standards body who are responsible for enforcing equine passport regulations. Where a failure to comply is detected, in the first instance a compliance notice will be issued.  Continued failure to comply may result in escalation of sanctions to a fine of up to a maximum of £200.

Microchips must be implanted by a vet, and the relevant barcode attached to the outline diagram page which must be stamped and signed by the vet.

The Society must be informed when a microchip is implanted.  Unfortunately, this needs to be done by sending us the passport and we need to have an audit trail that shows we received the passport, scanned the microchip barcode into our database and returned the passport.

As these will be older passports, it is likely that some other updates will be required to bring them up to current standards e.g. addition of a barcode for the unique life number (UELN). If required, these changes will be made at the same time.

There will be no charge for the addition of the barcode or other updates.

Check the outline diagram if you are unsure whether your pony has a microchip. The barcode sticker should be attached to it with a vet stamp and signature. If there is a barcode sticker, but it has not been stamped and signed by a vet, this must be remedied by a vet.  The vet can use a wand scanner to ascertain if there is a microchip in the correct place on the pony and confirm it is consistent with the barcode in the passport.  If the microchip is not in the correct location, or it is not consistent with the passport, a new microchip will be required.

If you have any questions please contact the Registrar – Nigel McWilliam on 01887 877219 or use the ‘contact us’ form on this website.

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