If you’ve ever worked with horses, or wanted to pursue an equestrian career you know how expensive it can be. Horses are beautiful animals, obviously, and spending time with them is an amazing experience. I truly believe that horses are better beings than us humans, and that they deserve love and dedication when working with them. Some people are ready to spend thousands of dollars to own horses, and they usually have to spend even more than that. Let’s look at some of the most expensive horse breeds in the world. 

These prices are not exact – not only do they change all the time, but they also depend on the age, sex, color, whether the horse has been trained, and many more factors. 

Thoroughbred ($50K – $150K)

If you are a fan of horse racing, you know how often thoroughbreds are common in that world.

Obviously, since they are popular as racing horses, this breed is pretty fast and agile. They have a lot of energy and spirit. You can also often see these horses at show jumping competitions as well as polo games.

This breed has so many variations and the price depends on a lot of factors within the breed, so the price range is difficult to pinpoint. However, most of them fall around $100K. There were instances in the past where thoroughbreds were sold for millions of dollars – some 20 years ago a horse named Fugaichi was sold for $70 million! It is simply amazing to see how much some people value horses and the sport. On the other hand, you could feed an entire country with that amount of money!

Arabian ($5K – $90K)

One of the oldest horse breeds and definitely one of the most expensive ones. These horses are built to endure hard climates and other harsh as they were bred for deserts, which immediately makes them worth the price. They are excellent for training as they are usually very easily adaptable and learn quickly. This is why people buy them for all kinds of purposes. This truly is a perfect horse. 

Andalusian ($2K – $55K)

In the past, when there wasn’t technology, people used to use horses for everything and anything, from working on a farm, to fighting wars and battles. Actually, using horses for wars was one of the first ways they were utilised by people. The Andalusian is one of those horses bred for battle, long ago in Spain. As you would expect from a war horse, they are very noble, strong and enduring. Nowadays, since we don’t use them for battles anymore, they have remained amazing horses for sports, for example racing. 

By Sam