We have all heard of the health benefits of sports – physical fitness, relaxation, and countless other little things that make your life that much better every day. According to our preferences, there are many options that we can choose from, from sports that require nothing but your body, to sports that require some kind of ball or instrument, to sports that require an entire 1100-pound animal under you. Of course, not every sport is good for you in the same way. Some may greatly improve your physical health, and some may be very beneficial for your mental health. So what are the health benefits of horse riding?

It is far more difficult than it seems

Only someone who has never ridden a horse can think that horse riding is not a vigorous workout. In fact, as soon as you sit down on your horse, you understand just how much effort you have to put in as the rider.

In order to make a good match with the animal, you need to give it your best shot, which also includes balancing yourself in the saddle, as well as moving in sync with the animal. Although the horse needs to understand well the commands you give it, you need to keep in mind that this enormous animal moves in its own way and that you not only have to be tolerant about the turbulence that you experience in the saddle but that you also need to learn to use it to your advantage. Here are some of the benefits of synchronizing with the movement of your equine friend.

Core strength

This may come as a shock but you need a fair amount of core strength just to stay in the saddle.

The subtle but strong rocking motion that you experience during riding may not always be so strong that you are in danger of falling from your horse, but it is certainly enough to give you a bad time riding if you are not prepared for it. This is precisely the reason why you need good core strength – to keep upright in the saddle, balance yourself on the back of the horse, and protect your spine from any sudden and unpleasant moves. 


This is yet another aspect that seems illogical, but that is actually very significant when it comes to horse riding. All professional riders must be in very good shape for riding, as even the most insignificant of exercises burn a lot of calories – from two hundred per hour at low speeds, to an average of six hundred and fifty calories per hour while galloping. Even though it is not the same amount of energy that you would spend while running, it is still a great way to get the exercise that you sorely need.

By Sam