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Protecting and Promoting Scotland's Ancient Hebridean Ponies

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Important change to Rules and Regulations.

There has been a small but important change to the Rules and Regulations regarding Ponies imported from another EU State in that ''The Society will enter into the breeding book, animals of the same breed, line or cross that are eligible for entry under the Society’s breed criteria, without discrimination on account of their country of origin''.

For more information please contact the Registrar on

Information regarding Covid 19

Owners of Eriskay ponies who experience difficulties in caring for their ponies during the current national emergency situation can contact the following Eriskay Pony Society Council members for advice.


Council Members can be contacted on the details below:


Yvonne Evans…

Judith Harris… 


Scotland, Wales, N.Ireland:

Mary McGillivray…

Fiona Misselbrook…

Lorna Holden…

You can also use the 'Contact the Society' facility on the right of this page.

Eriskay Pony Society

An explanation and clarification about the Eriskay Pony Society Stud Book is available on the 'News' page.

The mission of the Eriskay Pony Society is to preserve the Eriskay Pony breed by increasing numbers whilst retaining the breed characteristics. 


The Eriskay Pony's original function no longer exists, so the Society believes the survival and growth of the breed will not be achieved by preserving it as a curiosity. As the overwhelming proportion of equine use in the UK is leisure related, the survival and prosperity of the breed will be secured by creating a demand for their use in a range of leisure activities. 

New president for the Eriskay Pony Society

The Eriskay Pony Society was delighted to announce recently that well known Scottish Broadcaster, Euan McIlwraith, had agreed to become Honorary President. 

Euan is one of the BBC's most experienced presenters, from covering the horrific civil war in Rwanda to being kidnapped at gunpoint in Somalia, and had a long stint at the Natural History Unit which saw him broadcast from over fifty countries around the world. 

Currently best known for being one of the presenters on BBC Scotland’s ‘Landward’ and on BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Out of doors’, Euan describes himself as being lucky enough to have the best TV & Radio job in the world.

He brings with him a wealth of experience as well as a huge interest in the natural environment, landscape and history of the countryside, in which the Eriskay Pony is an integral part, and will assist the Society in the promotion of the breed.