British history is full of interesting events, huge wars, battles, legends… However, all of that history wouldn’t be half as interesting if not for the people who made it. Key figures in British history are what makes that history worth telling. I listed five of them here just as a small introduction to some of the most notable people that you should know about. 

William Shakespeare

It is incredible to me how a writer can tell such simple themes in such intricate ways. Not to mention that William Shakespeare wrote his plays some 400 years ago; however the way he wrote about the human condition is something that people in the modern world can relate to just as easily as they did back then. He is truly one legendary writer and many of the words we use today in English were coined by him. 

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin had to be on this list simply because we owe so much to him now. The way he changed how we think and perceive ourselves as part of the animal kingdom was revolutionary in his time. His book, On the Origin of Species, is still a pretty interesting read on naturalism and it can make you think about your place in the world. 

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria is a key figure in the age of the industrial revolution when the British Kingdom prospered like never before. The economic and technological progress that happened during this time is something that forever changed the UK and what made it the country it is today. During this time, a lot of not-so-good things were happening as well, such as colonialism and the expansion of the British nation; however, one thing is certain – the history of the UK would not be the same without Queen Victoria.

Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill played a huge role in World War II and the victory against Hitler. He was Prime Minister at that time as well as afterward and the people loved him. When a politician is capable of making the whole country listen and truly believe his words, you know he deserves a place on this list. 

Diana, Princess Of Wales

There is a reason Diana was also known as The People‚Äôs Princess. She was a figure in British history that truly cared about the people of the country, often went out to meet them and listen to their needs. She was also involved with many charities. In many ways, it is believed that the royal family let her down; however, the media was even worse. The paparazzi constantly harassed her and followed her every move, which unfortunately ended with her tragic death caused by, you guessed it, the paparazzi. Now she is remembered as an incredibly kind and down to earth person, despite her high position in the royal family. 

By Sam