One thing you have to experience when coming to England is a traditional pub. There are pubs on almost every corner in every street here, so you won’t have any issues finding one. A bigger challenge would be choosing which ones to visit while you are there. Of course, the best idea would be to ask somebody you know who lives there and knows the pubs in and out. But, if you want to have a more interesting visit to a pub in England, why not visit some of the oldest ones? It will definitely be an experience you will never forget. 

Tim Marchant / Ferry Boat Inn

The Old Ferry Boat Inn

If you ever happen to be in Holywell, it would be a shame not to pay a visit to The Old Ferry Boat Inn. This pub claims to be the oldest one in England as it was established in 560.

As if being the oldest pub in a country wasn’t enough, this place is allegedly haunted as well. The legend says that a long time ago, a young girl named Juliet died nearby and that the pub was built on top of her grave. Since then, the pub has been haunted by her ghost (a friendly ghost, but you never know) and you can even see a stone slab that marks her grave in the pub itself.

Whether you believe in that legend or not, visiting The Old Ferry Boat Inn is certainly an amazing experience you can have when in England. 

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks

Arjen Bax / Ye Olde Fighting Cocks

Normally, as with any old building in a town, this one also has a bit of history behind it. Ye Olde Fighting Cocks was built in the 8th century, and according to the pub (a lot of the information here was produced by pubs themselves, so you have to take it with a grain of salt), the foundation of the building was a part of the Palace of Offa. A lot of local people there also believe that there are many tunnels below the pub that connect to the St Albans Cathedral. The pub was renovated at some point in the past, so a lot of it is actually from the 11th century, but the historical feeling is still there. 

The Porch House

This pub admits that a lot of the structure is quite modern, but some of it dates back to 947 when the Duke of Cornwall ordered the pub to be built. When the workers were doing the renovations back in the 70s, they examined the wood of the building and estimated it to be around 1000 years old or more, so we can actually believe the pub’s history with this evidence. Despite its age, the pub, which also serves as an inn, is a nice place to visit and have a pleasant stay or even just a drink. 

The Bingley Arms

The last one on the list is a personal favorite of mine and I even had a chance to visit it once when I was in Leeds. It was built in 953, and some even believe that it is even older than that. It was a spot where traveling monks could stop and rest before continuing their journey, but now it is a wonderful spot where you can be transported into old times and forget where you are for a second. I would highly recommend it. 

By Sam