London has so many galleries and museums to choose from that it is often a difficult choice to make. Some of these museums are so big, you might need a whole day to explore just one of them; therefore, you should make smart choices when deciding where you want to go. To help you narrow the list a bit here are 4 museums that you should definitely try and visit. Oh, and did I mention that they are free? 

British Museum

If you have limited time for museum exploration and have to choose only one museum from this list to visit, I would suggest you go to the British Museum. It has the best collection of exhibits from all different time periods that you can think of. It hosts some of the most famous artifacts from all over the world, and from my experience, you cannot compare the original thing with the photos. The permanent exhibit is free, but you can always leave a tip to support the museum if you can. 

National Gallery 

Those who want to admire some of the most popular European painters and see their works in real life should visit the National Gallery. There are more than 2000 works stationed there and it is almost unbelievable that this experience is free of charge. The fact that we can see in person some legendary paintings by Da Vinci and Van Gogh is truly amazing. 

Museum of London

لا روسا, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When visiting a foreign country and a new city, it is always a good idea to get yourself introduced to the culture, traditions, as well as the history of the place. The history of London is quite popular in the western world; however, one thing is learning about history from textbooks or documentaries and a whole another seeing some of that history right before your eyes. If you want to learn more about London, you should definitely visit the Museum of London. This museum is great because it has a lot of interactive exhibits that will stay with you forever. 

Royal Academy of Arts

For a long time this museum was quite exclusive – meaning, you had to pay the entry fee. This didn’t really make much sense considering the fact that there are so many other and just as great free museums that you can visit. Luckily, they decided to learn from others and in 2018 they introduced free exhibits that we can now all go and see. Just like all the three museums mentioned on this list before, the Royal Academy of Arts hosts some of the most famous works of art including Michelangelo. 

By Sam