We have often stressed the importance of physical exercise on this website, as it is undoubtedly the key to a long and healthy life. Sitting in front of the computer or video game console is not healthy for anyone, but it is the children that we need to consider first. Even though their young bodies do not show the signs of the unhealthy lifestyle that they lead, it is often later in life that these issues appear, which is why it is crucial for them to be physically active, in order to stimulate their bodies for proper development. The health benefits of sports are very well-known, and their effects on bodies that are still in their developmental stages are numerous. But how can you choose one sport, when there are so many all around us. Which sports are best for young children?


This is undoubtedly one of the most obvious choices, but it is also one of the best sports that you can choose for your child.

Running is helpful for them for several reasons. Firstly, it improves their body awareness and coordination, as well as their balance, which will quickly make them adopt a steady running and walking pace, which will eliminate all the balance problems that young children often experience due to their lack of movement.


Although not as popular as running, gymnastics is a good choice, as it depends on the natural flexibility that children possess, and allows them to properly stretch all their important muscle groups. It also helps them gain more awareness about the position and shape of their bodies, corrects their posture, and teaches them to rely on their body strength. Even though many child gymnasts do not continue with gymnastics later in life, it is still a very good basis for other sports, and a way to retain flexibility later in life, which is very significant in adults, as it can help alleviate back pain and related issues.

Contact sports and martial arts

One common misconception about martial arts is that their sole purpose is teaching people how to fight. In fact, most martial arts focus primarily on self-control and temperament, with the fighting aspect being secondary. However, it is still good to have your child enroll in a sport like this, as it can help the child develop healthy interpersonal relationships with other kids, as well as to learn not to initiate conflicts.

By Sam