There are countless hobbies that a person can take in order to make their life that much more pleasurable. Especially with adults, it can sometimes be difficult to escape the routine made that much worse by one’s day job and house chores. For example, one major problem that people face after finishing their education and finding a steady job is sudden weight gain, which results from reducing their physical activity by more than fifty percent and still maintaining the caloric intake that they are used to. A good response to this issue is taking up a sport – the most popular choice nowadays being basketball, athletics, or lifting weights. However there are sports that allow you to have far greater satisfaction than just the physical aspect of it; one of those sports is horse riding, and there are plenty of reasons why you should take it up.

Why take up horse riding?

First of all, it is a sport that requires not only brute force and dedication but also finesse, as well as complete and total clarity of mind. In order to bond well with your horse, you need to learn how to dismiss your daily issues and stress, as the animal can sense it, which can make for a rather unpleasant experience.

Furthermore, the accomplishment of gaining the trust of such a majestic animal is also a reward in itself. However, as with all sports, you cannot waltz into the stables unprepared; you need the proper equipment for that. So how should you choose the right equipment for horse riding?

Choosing the saddle

This is by far the most significant piece of your equipment, and there is no precise or correct answer for this, as it depends entirely upon your riding style. This is why you have to acquaint yourself very well with the basics of horse riding and find out what type of riding suits you best. If you are keen on developing a very intimate bond with your horse, you might consider dressage riding, which would require a dressage saddle. However, you need to be aware that this requires a tremendous amount of effort and dedication, as the horse needs to understand and conform to the slightest movements of your body, which may not be very easy to achieve. But, if you are not yet sure where your talents lie, it is probably a good idea to opt for a general-purpose saddle, which will allow you to explore the various aspects of horse riding until you figure out for yourself what you like best.

Choosing the right bit

This decision, unlike the saddle, is largely dependent on the horse that you choose to ride. The bit goes in or around the mouth of the horse, and it is the main tool that you use to communicate your intent to the horse. However, not all horses respond to all types of bits, and some horses do not like metal objects in their mouths at all, which is why there are hackamore bits that wrap around the mouth. Once you have these two objects ready, you are all set to start your new hobby.

By Sam