Looking at our society, it is incredible how far we have advanced as a civilization, in every aspect of our lives. We can now truly say that we are living in the future, where everything is high/tech and exquisite. Computers are in our phones, refrigerators, automobiles, microwaves, wristwatches, glasses, even our bathroom scales. But even before all of these things, we strove for perfection. Fine dining is one of those areas of life where we set strict guidelines that need to be followed; though, even though there is no margin for error, it can still be used to express cultural diversity and creativity, as chefs from around the world bring something new and authentic to the game. Britain is, unfortunately, one of the places in the world that is not particularly praised for its national cuisine, but despite that, there are still fine dining establishments that you can visit, especially in London – here are some of them.

Sexy Fish

The name of the restaurant might lead you to believe that there is some kind of joke going on, but you should not think that for a second!

Sexy Fish is an Asian-themed restaurant that serves primarily seafood, but most of all, it captures both your eye and your imagination.  The decorations, which include a coral reef on the ceiling, and elaborate mermaids that can be found on the walls, make this a very private and intimate place where your connection with food will forever be changed. You can try their choice of sushi, which is unmatched in this part of London.


From Asian cuisine, we jump straight into 18th-century Europe, as this restaurant, located at the Lanesborough hotel, will make you feel like something of an Italian aristocrat.  This restaurant offers rooms that are bright white, decorated with pastel colors and chandeliers, which really hammer in the impression that you are attending a party at the Royal Court. The food served always has a classical French foundation, but with a modern twist. If you go there by day, you will be greeted by the light piercing through the glass ceiling of the restaurant, and in the evening, you’ll be able to enjoy the chandeliers that have more than just a decorative purpose.

Hélène Darroze

We slowly enter the domain of celebrity chefs and their restaurants. Hélène Darroze comes from a long line of French chefs, and the kitchen in her London restaurant could put many fine French establishments to shame. You would have a hard time telling that you are not in France since she ships all of the ingredients from her home country.

Not only that but you are also allowed to handpick all of the ingredients in your meal. That, among other things, is what distinguishes this restaurant from others in the business, and what makes it a very popular establishment, not only in London but in all of Britain.

Alain Ducasse

There are not many restaurants in London that can brag about sporting three Michelin stars, but Alain Ducasse is one of them. Although it is a term that tends to be thrown around nowadays, there is little doubt that a restaurant that receives such high praise will fail to fulfil every expectation that you might have. One of the things that make this a truly exceptional establishment is the fact that it hosts the most famous dining table in all of Britain. The Lumière Table is located at the center of the restaurant, and it is shielded by a waterfall of light – almost five thousand optical fibers descend from the ceiling to the floor, thus hiding those who sit at the table, and at the same time making for a truly unique experience.

By Sam