The Eriskay Pony Society

Protecting and Promoting Scotland's Ancient Hebridean Ponies

Complaints Procedure

The Council of the Eriskay Pony Society makes every effort to manage the business of the Society in the best interests of its members and the Eriskay Pony breed.

Should complaints arise relating to the operation of the Society, written notification giving full details of the complainers membership and the complaint, should be addressed to the Chairman of the Society for the time being as listed on the website or Yearbook (unless the complaint is directed against the Chairman, when written notification should be addressed to the Company Secretary for the time being). Communications should be sent to the Society's registered address.

Written confirmation of receipt of the complaint will be provided by return.   

The Chairman / Company Secretary will review the complaint and respond in writing to the complainer with an outcome of the complaint within 14 working days of receipt of all necessary details.

Should the complaint fail to be resolved by the Chairman / Company Secretary, or in the event of the complaint being directed against all the office bearers, the Council of the Eriskay Pony Society may refer the matter to a third party for mediation.