The Eriskay Pony Society

Protecting and Promoting Scotland's Ancient Hebridean Ponies


Easyfundraising is an organisation through which online retailers make donations to registered causes based on spend by registered users who have nominated that cause. We get small amounts of money through this from members who have registered the Eriskay Pony Society as a cause. 

Eriskay Pony Society Easyfundraising page. 

There are two ways of making donations through Easyfundraising. You can either log onto the Easyfundraising website every time you want to buy something to find a retailer, or activate the Donation Reminder. The donation reminder is far more user friendly. If you use this, you go straight to the site of the online vendor you want to use and if it is registered with Easyfundraising, you will get a pop up box reminding you about Easyfundraising and asking if you want to register the sale. Click 'yes' and carry on as normal.

There is no difference to the price you are charged. It is the vendor making the donation, not you. 

When you register with Easyfundraising, please tick the Gift Aid box. This allows us to reclaim a further 20% of the funds raised from HMRC.