The Eriskay Pony Society

"Protecting and Promoting Scotland's Ancient Hebridean Ponies"

The Eriskay Pony Society

The Eriskay Pony Society was founded in 1995 as the successor to the unincorporated Eriskay Pony Breed Society. The Eriskay Pony Society was the first of the Eriskay Pony Societies to achieve recognition as a breed society for the Eriskay Pony under UK and EU regulations in 1995 and is the largest Eriskay Pony Society.

The Eriskay Pony Society is also recognised as a passport issuing organisation for the Eriskay pony under UK and EU law and issues passports for Eriskay Ponies and Eriskay Pony part breds. 

The Eriskay Pony Society exists to promote the breeding and use of the Eriskay Pony in the present day. These rare ponies of remarkable temperament and hardiness are carving a special niche for themselves in today's competitive world.

The Society works hard to ensure that the numbers of Eriskay Ponies increases in a healthy population. The long term health of the Eriskay Pony breed will be assured by the Eriskay Ponies being recognised for the wonderful qualities that they have throughout the equine world, which will create a demand for the ponies. To achieve this, the Eriskay Pony Society puts considerable effort into promoting  the Eriskay Pony and spread knowledge of this wonderful pony. The Society takes stands at equine events to promote the Eriskay Pony, and has worked hard to ensure there are Eriskay Pony classes in as many shows as possible as well as staging our own Eriskay Pony breed shows. In addition, the Society does demonstrations of the versatility of the Eriskay Pony at events such as the Blair Castle International Horse trials.

The Eriskay Pony Studbook is maintained by the Society and the Society is recognised for the purposes of issuing horse passports in accordance with EU regulation.

Eriskay Pony Society Council Members 2018 - 2019


Vice Chair                                  


Minutes Secretary                                   

Treasurer / Registrar                                

Events / Membership Secretary     

Sales List                                  

Breeding Advisor  


Council Members                       


Ms Yvonne Evans


Mrs Ruth  McMinn

Mrs Gillian Clark

Mr Nigel McWilliam        

Mrs Fiona Misselbrook

Mrs Fiona Misselbrook

Mrs Mary McGillivray

Mrs Ruth  McMinn  

Mrs Catriona Rowan 

Ms Lorna Holden

Mrs Jane Feeney

Ms Catriona Cochrane 


The Eriskay Pony Society is a Company Limited by Guarantee, Registered in Scotland no.161020

Regd office : Farries, Kirk & McVean, Dumfries Enterprise Park, Heathhall, Dumfries, DG1 3SJ.

Recognised Scottish Charity No.SC024277

Give as You Earn Registration No. 000288774

Contact no : 0775 947 5960 

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