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Licensed Stallion Information 

This page is under construction and will be updated with more stallion information as it becomes available.

Please check back soon for the updated stallions list for 2018.

In the meantime, if you require information on available stallions or breeding advice, please contact us via this website contact form.

Whitney Harrier

Sire: Braincroft Samson                      Dam: Auchenbrook Peewit             Born: 2007                                Location.  East Lothian               Owner.  Eriskay Pony Society   Contact.  Fiona Misslebrook 01620 811072                                         Visiting Mares. Yes                           Loan considered.  Yes                     A.I.   No

Crichton Staffa

Picture to follow

Sire:  Linton Lochinver                             Dam: Braincroft Polly                                Born: 2009                                              Location: Herefordshire                         Owner: Norman Leask                                 Contact: Vanessa Harvey 01497 831724        Visiting Mares: Yes                                   Loan Considered: Yes                                A.I: No 

Crichton Staffa


Crichton Staffa newly arrived in Herefordshire from Shetland. Improved photo soon