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The link below provides a link to the Scottish Govt website that gives information on the equine passport regulations.

This is particularly useful in identifying the dates by which applications must be received. Due to detail differences between the different UK jurisdictions this varies according to where the animal resides and where the PIO is operates.

Eligibility for Registration

The Eriskay Pony Society is recognised under UK and EU law as a passport issuing organisation who can issue passports for Eriskay Ponies and Eriskay Pony Part Breds only. The Society only registers in its studbook ponies that are descended from the ponies registered in the studbook of origin of the Eriskay Pony. Any pony who cannot trace its ascendants on both sides to that studbook will be entered in the Part Bred register


The Eriskay Pony Society will register ponies that are offspring of ponies already registered with the Society, and will also register ponies where one or both parents are registered with another recognised Eriskay Pony Society as long as full details of the parent(s) registration and full pedigree are provided as part of the registration process. 

Passports & Registration

All equines are required under EU law to have a passport. The Eriskay Pony Society is recognised for the purposes of issuing horse passports in accordance with EU regulations

New government deadlines have been introduced for submitting passport applications.

All foals must be passported by 31st December in the year of birth or by the time they are six months old, whichever is later. 

In the past it was up to the individual societies how they achieved these deadlines. New regulatory deadlines have been set to say that in order to meet these deadlines, applications must be in the hands of the Society by November 30th, or by the end of 5 months after birth whichever is later. 

Applications received after the deadlines will be accepted but must be deemed late, will incur an additional fee and passports when issued will be marked "DUPLICATE".  The Society must also report the late submission to the Regulator.


Foals must be micro chipped before they can be registered. This must be done by a vet who must attached the microchip bar code to the diagram form and stamp and sign the form. 

The Registrar of the Society handles all registrations and other entries for the Stud Book. A person seeking to register a pony must be the owner of the pony.

Click here for a foal registration diagram.

Click here for notes on how to complete the form.

Applications for registration must be accompanied by the appropriate fee. See Services and Prices for details. 

New breeders are required to obtain a prefix before registering their foals. Please contact the Registrar for more information


Completed forms should be sent to the Registrar:

Lorna Holden.  Four Winds, Lady Ileene Road, Tarbert,  Argyll. PA29 6TU
Tel; 07795222469

The Registrar is also the contact if you wish to transfer ownership, register a prefix, or update any other information.

The email address for the Registrar is

DNA Testing

DNA typing is mandatory for all breeding stock. Every mare must have a DNA test carried out when she has her first foal. Licensed stallions will also require DNA tests as part of the stallion licensing requirements.

All DNA tests are co-ordinated by the Registrar and must be in place for both the sire and dam before registration can be completed. 

Unique Equine Life Number - UELN

All ponies who have been issued with an Equine Passport should have a UELN. The UELN is a 16 digit number that identifies the pony and the organisation that issued the passport. The UELN stays with the pony for life and never changes.

Some older Eriskay Pony Society passports were issued before UELNs were in operation. Passports that are sent in for changes will be checked and if the UELN is missing it will be added at the same time. The UELN can also be added at the owners request independent of other changes.

If you do not have a UELN on your passport it can be obtained from the Registrar if required.