The Eriskay Pony Society

Protecting and Promoting Scotland's Ancient Hebridean Ponies

Breed Description
  Additional Judges Notes
  12.0-13.2 hands high
Generous in all dimensions, relative to the height of the legs
There should be a long rib cage and very short loin ensure strength to the back. Croup to buttocks gently sloping to tail
Very large, deep, well sprung: ideally having a gentle but pronounced slope from the spine downwards towards the full width of the ribcage
The chest should not be too broad
Large, wide and deep
Eyes should be bold and set well apart. Wide forehead with well set ears in proportion. There should be a deep jaw and tapering muzzle.
Long and well muscled
Neck set in high and carried proudly, showing a good length of rein.
Low, but not excessively so; gentle curve from the croup to the pin bone with the dock situated in the middle third of this curve; the tail should be well set in.
Fine low set dock and tail well carried.
Fine, with only a tuft of feather behind the fetlock.
Legs strong but not thick, having plenty of clean flat bone and just a little fine feather.  
Well muscled and strong.  
Good strong shoulder with the neck set in high and carried proudly, showing a good length of rein  
Relatively short and sloping.
Small and neat with hard horn; somewhat upright with rather flat soles.  
Hooves should be hard and sound, well rounded and a natural extension of a well proportioned leg.
Forelock, mane and tail well developed and generous in quantity. Caudal fringe should always be discernible.
Mane and tail not coarse and heavy. Fine silky coat in summer. Dense but not unduly heavy coat in winter.
The dominant colour pattern is that foals are born black or bay and turn grey as they age. Some do not turn grey and other colours occur. In dark coloured animals there should be a light coloured muzzle and a light coloured ring round the eye; there should not be a pronounced eel stripe. All whole colours are acceptable.
Legs are not lifted high and steps are short
Smooth and free without exaggeration. Good rhythm and cadence. Walk and trot straight and true with good flexion of the hocks and freedom of the shoulders.
Active, honest and workmanlike with good temperament. Sensible and intelligent with a pronounced level of confidence and affinity with humans.
Eriskay Ponies should be placid and amenable with no signs of viciousness or aggression.